Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Christians, Should I Be Punished For My Opinion?

What, justifiably, should be punished? Punishment can be ostracism or something else that is mild, if it is just, so let me be more specific & let's go all the way down, to the worst of the worst actions & their just punishments. Because I categorize all physical violence as the bottom rung, beast consciousness. Wherein physical violence would be the initiation of force against another person. Physical violence would not be the victims response to his attacker, that would only be categorized as self defense, or force. Because, if we are allowed to - & have the right to - protect ourselves & deal out a just & equal punishment, then we have the right to deal out as much physical force as we need to, or even as much as we want to, in self defense, because we are already in that category. All physical attacks are in the bottom, black category of actions, making them wrongs. It isn't even on the first step of Jacobs ladder, it isn't even on the ladder. Black is where no light is. It is where no prudence is. Theft is the physical domain, rape is physical, confining someone to an area/restricting their rights is the physical domain. Attacks other than physical attacks have to do with the verbal & communication domain, so we could only defend ourselves against those types of debates or attacks with counter arguments, or we can just leave the situation.

Once we are physically attacked in any way, we have the right to physically defend ourself in any way. Why? Because a physical attacker is prone to do it again. They are prone to become addicted to it. The best way to prevent physical force of any kind is to physically act against an initiator, before that person does it again.

In this model, it is not acceptable to use force to defend yourself against another persons verbal attack, attack of language, or opinion. If somebody does that, it is actually the person who used force who acted wrongly, because they initiated the use of force, making it a physical attack. 

So. No, I should not be punished for my opinion. Here, I'm equating punishment to physical force, which would include my murder, physical harm, rape, theft, or confinement. And hell is a theory of confinement & torture in a specific place. Why would someone go to hell? For their sins. What is sin in the Christian tradition? Arbitrary dictates of the bible. What is sin in actuality? Physical attack, which is violence. And what is hell in actuality? I would submit that heaven & hell is a continuum of the same thing. What is the point of eternity unless it is the chance & opportunity to continue to improve ourselves. I think the degree that you are in hell is the degree that you committed wrongs. If you are Hitler, committed & authorized countless actions of murder & wrongs, destroying your soul & your understanding, then eternity will probably not be enough time for you to change your mind, face yourself and the ethics of your actions, & improve yourself to be able to climb out of that side of the spectrum. The nearer you are to a black whole, the harder it is to get away & to not get sucked into it. Same with hell. The further in you are, the harder it is to get out, let alone reverse your course.

But let's get back to the Christian theory of heaven & hell. If actual sin is only the initiation of physical attack, then I'm not going to hell. Except there are countless other actions that Christians classify as sins, automatically labeling every person, every newborn baby, as innately & inevitably sinful, & deserving of death. What is their magical concoction to give them hope of escaping hell? Jesus. Jesus, the perfect person, the son of God, died for our sins in our place, went to hell, came back to life, then went to heaven! All so that we don't have to go to hell if we believe in him, & if we believe in that story. 

I don't believe in that story, so according to Christians, my punishment is hell & torture for all of eternity. In this version, hell is physical confinement (don't bother trying to change the situation by calling it a spiritual situation, it's the same concept as physical confinement) which is physical attack, & the initiation of force. It is wrong to use physical force to punish me for my opinion, my opinion of Jesus, because it is not a just & equal punishment. Therefore, God commits a wrong for sending me to hell for this opinion. But in the Christian tradition, God can only be good, & can only do good, meaning that he can only do what is right. So sending me to hell for my opinion, a wrong, is a contradiction of God, the right. So is that really what happens?

Here's the more important question. If you are a Christian, & you believe that God sends me to hell for my opinion of Jesus, do you support God in his decision to do evil? Are you happy that I am put in spiritual prison for my opinion. If I cared about politics at all, that would be the same as the government putting me in prison for my vocal support & opinion of the republicans, & denouncement of the democrats. Would that be right, or would that be evil? It would be an evil, obviously. More importantly, do you give your support to the evil actions that the government took? In the same way, do you give your support to the evil action you believe that God will take, locking me into hell, based on my opinion, my faith or lack there of, about Jesus? If you say that it is ok for God to do such a thing, then you are as ideologically bankrupt as your theory of God is. This is the same as saying that it is ok, & right, for God to flood the earth, killing innocent infants, just because he is God. Rights & wrongs, good & evil, does not change depending on weather you are God, not God, a citizen, a government official, or any other difference there might be.

Another cop out is that it is a matter between me & God, but it's not. This is the Christian theory. This is the church's judgment. And this is the cultures manipulation & guilt trip. This started between me & other people, so don't try to move the conversation over to an invisible being, just because I'm getting good at pointing out contradictions. If God judges me in the end, then I will deal with that then, all while abstaining from & eradicating physical violence to the best of my ability. But while we are alive, this is a human to human conversation, that must be had if we are to align our knowledge & perspective up with reality, with Truth, with what actually is. 

Another way to put this: If Hitler confessed his sins to Jesus, & "accepted him as the son of God, & his Lord & savior," then did Hitler go to heaven? The Christian doctrine would claim that he was not saved, because he committed suicide, and would not have had a chance to confess his sins after that, since his last action was a sin. Ok, thought experiment. Say that he didn't commit suicide, but during his life he authorized the murder of MILLIONS of INNOCENT people, & probably killed some himself. If he confessed his sins & did all the hat tricks that Christians tell you to do to be saved, was he saved? Should he be saved? Would that be justice? Would he have really learned from the consequences of his actions? It seems like a cheat to me, it seems contradictory, & as such, it seems that it would not be the case.

I was told that all I have to do is have faith that what the bible says is true, what the Christian doctrine says is true, & that Jesus is Lord & savior.

If I don't hold those opinions, then I will go to hell based on those opinions, which is a wrong. An act of evil. I will not have faith that an evil act is good, necessary, or acceptable. I will not have faith in a theory of God that contradicts my moral principles, that commits acts of violence against the innocent, & acts of grace & love to those who are guilty. And I can not have fellowship with a group of people that are so morally bankrupt & backwards. To those that are my friends & family, I have to make this point clear, & they must grapple with the ramifications. Hopefully they can align their beliefs with principles, and with truth. Hopefully they can actually work out & eliminate contradictions, instead of ignoring or forgiving them. And hopefully they can see the doctrine & institution of Christianity for what it really is; a control illusion, the matrix, an incorrect path, & a sham.

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