Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Thought is represented by God, Emotion is represented by Mary, & Action is represented by Jesus. It's a metaphor for our brain structure. When we are using all of our brain in the correct order, it manifests in the world as correct action. First, God had to come to earth to interact with Mary to produce the male son, Jesus. In the same way, we have to acquire correct knowledge & evidence in our neocortex, then interact that with correct emotion using our limbic brain in order to produce correct action using our brain stem. If we are not properly using all three parts, or changing the order & hierarchy in any way, then we are using our brains incorrectly which will produce less than prudent or even completely wrong action on our part. Living based on emotion without prioritizing knowledge of facts and evidence above it is merely living by faith, which is living based on a worldview of fantasy rather than reality. Living based on action prioritized over emotion or knowledge is to act without care for others or to act without thought. 

The birth of Jesus represents the birth of right action, which can only come from correct thought interacting with correct emotion.

The podcast I learned all this from runs on my radio station at http://podcastexperinent.net

Update: It's not about saving us from our past iniquities, it's about preventing future iniquities, which means our actions are getting more prudent as we improve our knowledge & emotion, & we don't allow others to think that it is a virtue to continue to enact violence for a government paycheck.