Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Underground History of American Education playing in ~1hr

Been getting longer listenership lately :) a reading of The Underground History of American Education starts in ~1 hr bit.ly/Podx

 Thought provoked by the question at minute 30 of the podcast I'm listening to right now. "But who will make the roads & freeways?" What is a big reason local community & culture is dying & local mom & pop shops are all going under? Because we can drive through all that to get to a bigger chain store or a bigger event. If no consumers want roads after a government, or if no company can figure out how to provide them, then let them deteriorate back into the earth. We would be forced to actually get involved locally, to have local culture, events, shops, & activities. Entrepreneurs would be able to make their own business's succeed & we'd be enriching our neighbors and our communities instead of Wall Street. Fuck the roads! freedomain radio 2211 mp3 Listening to Freedomain Radio! Volume 6: Shows 2120+ FDR2381 They Are Coming for Us #iCatcher! http://www.freedomainradio.com/