Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The only real hierarchy

Here is where true hierarchy & order is. There is a reason our brains developed the way they did & are arranged the way they are. The neocortex rules over the limbic brain which rules over the brain stem. That is the chain of command & the proper order; thought, then emotion, then action. When you start from the top of the brain & progress down from there, you are dictating your actions using higher consciousness. When you start from the bottom (action, then emotion, then thought) you are acting in base, or "beast" consciousness, like a reptile. We have to align & use all parts of our brain in unison, but there is a correct order & process, Anthropomorphized by the God-Mary-Jesus metaphor.  First gathering correct thought/knowledge, then applying correct emotion to that thought/knowledge gives birth to our right action in the world. Just like first there was God who knows all, who interacted with Mary who represents emotion, who gave birth to Jesus to take right action. That is why knowledge is first, & why Jesus didn't begin his ministry until he was ~30, because he had to gather correct knowledge first, then apply correct emotion before taking right action. Another metaphor is the trivium: Grammar-Logic-Rhetoric IN THAT ORDER. Grammar is knowledge, logic is emotion/processing that knowledge, & rhetoric is taking action on it/sharing that knowledge.