Friday, November 1, 2013

The Greyscale

The greyscale is what I've found to be a very accurate way to illustrate Rights and Wrongs.

Thoughts on the greyscale: if we equate the completely black section of the greyscale with what is actually wrong actions (being violating another persons rights which is violence) & we equate that with sin, then I can say that the vast majority of people I've known have never sinned. Obviously we may or may not be doing the most prudent thing at any given time, so I think that lands most of humanity somewhere in the grey. Now, if we believe the persona of any politician that we are given by the mainstream news & media, then as far as know, most of them have never personally violated anyone rights either, which puts them somewhere in the grey of prudence also. I'm not yet going to say which people are placed in the black cause I know I'd really offend a lot of you right off the bat, but if we really think about which kind of people violate other peoples rights, or our rights, & if we're honest with ourselves, then it's obvious & easy to deduce.

To explain this further, I'm learning that dichotomy's are actually only one thing & its absence. Darkness is the absence of light, dryness is the absence of wet, ignorance is the absence of knowledge, wrongs are the absence of rights, & evil is the absence of good. What the greyscale here is: completely right or completely prudent in the white block, & less & less right or prudence in the grey boxes as they get darker & darker, & the total absence of right or prudence in the black box. It's similar to how light gets less and less intense as you step away from its source until you are completely out of its range (if that's possible) or something blocks it where the light coming from the source is completely absent.

This greyscale is also what we reap from how we act, and weather our action we deserve life or death for our actions. If you only act on your Rights, then you deserve life. Life is the shades of grey, & the more prudent your actions are, the better your quality of life & well being should be. I don't know if that's what you'll get, but that is what you deserve, & I could guarantee that with more certainty if everyone was actually trying to make their actions more prudent & Right. 

However, if you commit a wrong action, a violation of another persons volition, then you deserve death, & that's why there's no trace of light or grey in the wrong action segment. A wrong is only a wrong if you deserve death or doing it, which is the same as saying it's only a wrong if the person you are violating has the right to kill you in defense of self or property, which would be meeting the violation with equal force.
Committing a wrong is not good for a persons well being at all, and creates psychopaths that hide in society. Again, they deserve death, & would get death if more people were doing the more prudent thing, but psychopaths perpetuate cause society does the less prudent thing, by giving the responsibility of justice away. Part of what makes that the not so prudent thing is the fact that all the organizations society yields responsibility to work to further obfuscate right & wrong so that society is dependent on the organizations to tell them what is right & wrong without finding out the overarching law for themselves, thus keeping most people in base consciousness & in the lowest levels of prudence, which puts them in servitude to those organizations.