Wednesday, August 14, 2013

What on earth is happening - Mark Passio

Hi everyone, it's Patrick Mangan. While I'm still very interested in podcasts & podcasting, I don't have a cohost right now so I'm not going to be putting out any original podcasts, & I haven't for a year. However, I still consume a lot of podcast content wile I work, so about 30 or 40 hours a week, & I post quotes, lessons I'm being taught, & awesome episodes over on the twitter account for the Podcast Experiment at I want to start linking to the very best episodes here in this blog, maybe weekly, directly to the mp3 online so that it'll get into my podcast feed on iTunes & everywhere else. The episode I'm linking to here is from Http:// with Mark Passio. I really like his philosophy & I'm now going through all of the episodes he's done. As you will hear in the mp3, I learned about him from Richard Grove in the Peace Revolution podcast, who I learned about from Jan Irving in the Gnostic Media podcast, who I learned about from Henrik Palmgren in the Red Ice Creations podcast, all of which I've listened to all publicly available free podcast episodes & all of which I highly recommend. The episode here is seven hours but well worth it, I was playing minecraft the whole time but never once lost interest. Have fun!