Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Thought is represented by God, Emotion is represented by Mary, & Action is represented by Jesus. It's a metaphor for our brain structure. When we are using all of our brain in the correct order, it manifests in the world as correct action. First, God had to come to earth to interact with Mary to produce the male son, Jesus. In the same way, we have to acquire correct knowledge & evidence in our neocortex, then interact that with correct emotion using our limbic brain in order to produce correct action using our brain stem. If we are not properly using all three parts, or changing the order & hierarchy in any way, then we are using our brains incorrectly which will produce less than prudent or even completely wrong action on our part. Living based on emotion without prioritizing knowledge of facts and evidence above it is merely living by faith, which is living based on a worldview of fantasy rather than reality. Living based on action prioritized over emotion or knowledge is to act without care for others or to act without thought. 

The birth of Jesus represents the birth of right action, which can only come from correct thought interacting with correct emotion.

The podcast I learned all this from runs on my radio station at http://podcastexperinent.net

Update: It's not about saving us from our past iniquities, it's about preventing future iniquities, which means our actions are getting more prudent as we improve our knowledge & emotion, & we don't allow others to think that it is a virtue to continue to enact violence for a government paycheck.

Friday, December 6, 2013

I'd go for a totally voluntary and optional government.

Words can be invented & used to obfuscate reality & intention & to scare & terrorize people into conformity & compliance. Would you be surprised if I said that I'd be all for government IF all "taxes" were optional, all programs became services & products, & IF we were given the freedom to choose what government programs we wanted to pay for without fear of coercion, threats of violence, jail, or murder? If taxes & government services were optional, government would be called a business, & taxes would be called a bill for those services. While they are not optional, "taxation" is actually theft, "government" is actually organized crime, & their "services" are actually intrusions & monopolies. While there is government in its current form, or any corporation or mob using force, fraud & coercion, there is actually no freedom & this is actually not a free market. The free market, which is just me freely & willingly trading with you or anyone else I want to, has been demonized by mislabeling our current situation. If government is involved at all, taxes anything, subsidizes anything, or forces anybody to use their currency that they keep inflating, it is not a free & fair trade that is responding to natural supply & demand. 

Maybe I would vote if all taxes would become optional. But that's not going to happen so I'm not going to waste my time pretending that I can influence anything to become better by voting. But since the word anarchy has become demonized to scare the public into believing that it equates to chaos, now we have chaos. Anarchy means without rulers. If you don't want anarchy, then you want threats to coerce your money out of you, and you want violence initiated against your neighbors for not paying off our masters. 

So to appease everyone's anxiety we've developed over the thought of having no coercive slave masters, it might be easier for people to imagine optional taxes & services rather than no government. Until people start using words correctly & recognizing the actions of evil people for what they actually are, I'll start describing our solution this way, but it really is the same thing. 

No politician will ever be elected who will want to put a stop to government theft & coercion, but let's pretend like that did happen & the government did make all services optional. Maybe the infrastructure would be useful to maintain order, peace, and prosperity. It would be much more than sufficient. If government became a profit driven business that didn't use coercion to gets its revenues & income, it would actually have to slim down, cut unnecessary jobs & budgets (putting most government worker parasites out of work), become more efficient & streamlined. If we saw or heard about anything the government was doing that we didn't approve of, we could actually make a difference by boycotting it & their services. Because of that, if all of government was voluntary, they would actually have to work out all their problems, inefficiencies, & evils. Only a vote with our dollars or resources to trade is a vote that actually counts. We'd actually have a say. Since we don't like war, wars would be over. Since we don't like incarcerating peaceful people, that would stop. Since some of us want to help the poor, handouts would stop. We'd stop the practice of indoctrinating children for 15000 hours that coercion was a virtue, that they could only aspire to be workers & job seekers, & to love their masters & their servitude. EVERYTHING wrong would be made right. The markets would become truly free, & much more equality would come about, because we wouldn't approve of protecting corporations from their liabilities, & bailing them out when their gambles failed. Government would become responsible & liable for any evils it perpetuates, hurting its own business. Government IS ACTUALLY a business right now, but one that is allowed to use coercion & violence to get its revenues, giving it a monopoly or else an unfair advantage in any industry it decides to get involved in, raising prices for everybody, & the debt for our unborn generations. If we made our moral standards apply to EVERYONE, without a government exemption, ALL OF THE WORLDS EVILS & INEFFICIENCIES WOULD EVOLVE THEMSELVES OUT OF EXISTENCE. If government were just another peaceful and optional business, then there would be nothing called "government." We would be our own rulers, & there would be anarchy, which would result in real order & peace. 

All government programs people would WANT to pay for would still be provided. So there'd be optional services for roads, police, & security/protection, as long as there is demand for that product. The entire existing system can be beneficial for us ONLY if it is voluntary & optional in its nature. If you want me to move because I don't like coercion, YOU ARE THE ONE WHO WANTS VIOLENCE DONE AGAINST ME & MY PROPERTY STOLEN FROM ME. YOU HAVE BECOME AN ADVOCATE OF VIOLENCE & MURDER, & YOU ARE THE ONE THAT CAN MOVE. Now that you have this knowledge & an understanding of these higher moral standards, you have to evolve past what you've always thought & your state worship. Now that you have heard that taxation is theft, you either accept that definition, or you are compliant with evil.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Underground History of American Education playing in ~1hr

Been getting longer listenership lately :) a reading of The Underground History of American Education starts in ~1 hr bit.ly/Podx

 Thought provoked by the question at minute 30 of the podcast I'm listening to right now. "But who will make the roads & freeways?" What is a big reason local community & culture is dying & local mom & pop shops are all going under? Because we can drive through all that to get to a bigger chain store or a bigger event. If no consumers want roads after a government, or if no company can figure out how to provide them, then let them deteriorate back into the earth. We would be forced to actually get involved locally, to have local culture, events, shops, & activities. Entrepreneurs would be able to make their own business's succeed & we'd be enriching our neighbors and our communities instead of Wall Street. Fuck the roads! freedomain radio 2211 mp3 Listening to Freedomain Radio! Volume 6: Shows 2120+ FDR2381 They Are Coming for Us #iCatcher! http://www.freedomainradio.com/

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

To GET* a good job...

What do people say is the final point & purpose of government forcing children to go to one type of school or another until they are an adult, & all the wile encouraging them to go to a good college or university? "To get a good job," is the common answer. To be able to take one more job off the market for yourself, & to take that opportunity away from someone else, therefore increasing scarcity for everyone who doesn't have a job, by one. You are always told that the point of all of that is to GET a job. The idea, education, & know how of how to CREATE a business is not even in the periphery of the common student or graduate. Free market capitalism works when there is no mass child coercion & retardation. The 1500 hours of forced government schooling is to create a culture of INSTITUTIONALIZED DEPENDENCY.  It forces the mass of the population to be dependent on someone else to have any kind of income, livelihood, & security. Rather than making those things happen for themselves, they are at the mercy of employers & those who were actually able to develop their interests into a profitable business. A job is basically a hand out compared to being able to CREATE jobs. Jobs will never "come back" to the economy until more people start creating jobs. If the government owns lots of shares of the corporations who are outsourcing their jobs abroad (CAFR) then they have a profit incentive & would prefer to outsource those jobs rather then keep them here. If they are positioned to make more money one way or another from corporations being more profitable than from a well employed citizen tax base, they will take option A, furthering the INSTITUTIONALIZATION of DEPENDENCY through the well fair state. It's all about what gives them more bang for their buck, not providing us with jobs or the ability to make businesses & become employers. It's more profitable for them & their holdings to minimize the amount of corporate competition as much as possible, so that the companies they have some ownership in can price gouge as much as possible. If we want more jobs here, we have to create them instead of just taking them.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Upside down pentagram - Medal of Honor

Anyone know what the star/pentagram represents? & why is it upside down on the Medal of Honor? The what on earth is happening podcast has talked about it.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Underground History of American Education 1

Underground History of American Education 1 Zip of all mp3's

Underground History of American Education 2

Underground History of American Education 2 Zip of all mp3's

Underground History of American Education 3

Underground History of American Education 3 Zip of all mp3's

Underground History of American Education 4

Underground History of American Education 4 Zip of all mp3's

Underground History of American Education 5

Underground History of American Education 5 Zip of all mp3's

Underground History of American Education 6

Underground History of American Education 6 Zip of all mp3's

Underground History of American Education 7

Underground History of American Education 7 Zip of all mp3's

Underground History of American Education 8

Underground History of American Education 8 Zip of all mp3's

Underground History of American Education 9

Underground History of American Education 9 Zip of all mp3's

Underground History of American Education 10

Underground History of American Education 10 Zip of all mp3's

Underground History of American Education 11

Underground History of American Education 11 Zip of all mp3's

Underground History of American Education 12

Underground History of American Education 12 Zip of all mp3's

Underground History of American Education 13

Underground History of American Education 13 Zip of all mp3's

Underground History of American Education 14

Underground History of American Education 14 Zip of all mp3's

Underground History of American Education 15

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Underground History of American Education 16

Underground History of American Education 16 Zip of all mp3's

Underground History of American Education 17

Underground History of American Education 17 Zip of all mp3's

Underground History of American Education 18

Underground History of American Education 18 Zip of all mp3's

Underground History of American Education 19

Underground History of American Education 19 Zip of all mp3's

19 podcast episodes coming today

I'm almost done listening to a podcast reading of The Undergorund History of American Education by John Taylor Gatto & I'll be uploading it again to this podcast for subscribers. It's 19 chapters that I've sped up to 1.5x speed & I've amplified the volume, so they are each somewhere from a half hour to 1.5 hours long, & I'll probably post them all sometime today. They are also already scheduled to be played on my radio station back at http://podcastexperiment.net sometime next week, when the Peace Revolution podcast has concluded. 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The only real hierarchy

Here is where true hierarchy & order is. There is a reason our brains developed the way they did & are arranged the way they are. The neocortex rules over the limbic brain which rules over the brain stem. That is the chain of command & the proper order; thought, then emotion, then action. When you start from the top of the brain & progress down from there, you are dictating your actions using higher consciousness. When you start from the bottom (action, then emotion, then thought) you are acting in base, or "beast" consciousness, like a reptile. We have to align & use all parts of our brain in unison, but there is a correct order & process, Anthropomorphized by the God-Mary-Jesus metaphor.  First gathering correct thought/knowledge, then applying correct emotion to that thought/knowledge gives birth to our right action in the world. Just like first there was God who knows all, who interacted with Mary who represents emotion, who gave birth to Jesus to take right action. That is why knowledge is first, & why Jesus didn't begin his ministry until he was ~30, because he had to gather correct knowledge first, then apply correct emotion before taking right action. Another metaphor is the trivium: Grammar-Logic-Rhetoric IN THAT ORDER. Grammar is knowledge, logic is emotion/processing that knowledge, & rhetoric is taking action on it/sharing that knowledge.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Checkered Floor

Continuing with the shades of grey metaphor is the checkered floor of Solomon's temple, which is another metaphor to describe the floor or base consciousness of people who appeal to authority to be told what is right & wrong, instead of figuring it out for themselves. If you have not discovered the overarching governing principle that dictates what your rights are & what your wrongs are, then you'll be second guessing every step you take across the checkered board. You'll think that one action is right & your next action is wrong & back & forth as you go along. People relinquish their autonomy & ownership of self when they have to rely on the church or the state to tell them what is right & wrong instead of learning it for themselves. This is masonic symbolism I learned from http://whatonearthishappening.com/.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

11/1/13 LAX shooting

@jamesgiantkeg: There must be a good amount of guys in my demographic that are learning & opening up about anarchy for the media to demonize us now #fb

@jamesgiantkeg: As to "CIAnCIA" whoever violates the nonaggression principle when not in self defense doesn't know the first thing about anarchy or freedom.

I just heard this the other day on the Free Domain Radio podcast:

"Anarchism is the nonaggression principle expanded to include government & therefore eliminating government. In the same way when you expand personhood to include slaves, you eliminate slavery."

-Stefan Molyneux

Friday, November 1, 2013

The Greyscale

The greyscale is what I've found to be a very accurate way to illustrate Rights and Wrongs.

Thoughts on the greyscale: if we equate the completely black section of the greyscale with what is actually wrong actions (being violating another persons rights which is violence) & we equate that with sin, then I can say that the vast majority of people I've known have never sinned. Obviously we may or may not be doing the most prudent thing at any given time, so I think that lands most of humanity somewhere in the grey. Now, if we believe the persona of any politician that we are given by the mainstream news & media, then as far as know, most of them have never personally violated anyone rights either, which puts them somewhere in the grey of prudence also. I'm not yet going to say which people are placed in the black cause I know I'd really offend a lot of you right off the bat, but if we really think about which kind of people violate other peoples rights, or our rights, & if we're honest with ourselves, then it's obvious & easy to deduce.

To explain this further, I'm learning that dichotomy's are actually only one thing & its absence. Darkness is the absence of light, dryness is the absence of wet, ignorance is the absence of knowledge, wrongs are the absence of rights, & evil is the absence of good. What the greyscale here is: completely right or completely prudent in the white block, & less & less right or prudence in the grey boxes as they get darker & darker, & the total absence of right or prudence in the black box. It's similar to how light gets less and less intense as you step away from its source until you are completely out of its range (if that's possible) or something blocks it where the light coming from the source is completely absent.

This greyscale is also what we reap from how we act, and weather our action we deserve life or death for our actions. If you only act on your Rights, then you deserve life. Life is the shades of grey, & the more prudent your actions are, the better your quality of life & well being should be. I don't know if that's what you'll get, but that is what you deserve, & I could guarantee that with more certainty if everyone was actually trying to make their actions more prudent & Right. 

However, if you commit a wrong action, a violation of another persons volition, then you deserve death, & that's why there's no trace of light or grey in the wrong action segment. A wrong is only a wrong if you deserve death or doing it, which is the same as saying it's only a wrong if the person you are violating has the right to kill you in defense of self or property, which would be meeting the violation with equal force.
Committing a wrong is not good for a persons well being at all, and creates psychopaths that hide in society. Again, they deserve death, & would get death if more people were doing the more prudent thing, but psychopaths perpetuate cause society does the less prudent thing, by giving the responsibility of justice away. Part of what makes that the not so prudent thing is the fact that all the organizations society yields responsibility to work to further obfuscate right & wrong so that society is dependent on the organizations to tell them what is right & wrong without finding out the overarching law for themselves, thus keeping most people in base consciousness & in the lowest levels of prudence, which puts them in servitude to those organizations.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Does the job market need more Workers or more Employers?

Question of the day: does the job market need more Workers or more Employers right now? And which is public Schooling producing?

The answer is that the job market needs more employers to be able to provide more jobs for workers to balance everything out. The answer to the other question is the compulsory schooling of ANY kind produces many more workers than employers, overwhelmingly so, to the point that there is too much supply of workers and not enough demand for them/not enough employers. There is competition amongst workers for jobs but not much competition amongst employers for workers cause there simply isn't enough employers, which is financially beneficial for existing employers. The worker competition drives down the cost for a worker to the lowest bidder, especially globally in less developed nation states. Our schooling systems have been created & co opted by the Rockefellers, special interest groups, non-elected rulers & other existing employers & corporations to limit the amount of competition for themselves as much as possible since they can't have a monopoly in this country anymore. If children had their freedom growing up they could explore what they wanted to when they wanted to & dive deep into their interests, & those interests would result in more of them making companies & becoming employers & providing more jobs, & those companies would compete with existing companies in the same industries & make new industries, & that competition would lower the cost of goods & services for some of the companies (android) & or raise the quality of the goods & services to win over the trust of customers (iPhone) even more then what plays out today. There would be more jobs available & less workers as more of the population would be employers instead, so cause of both sides of that equation, employment would skyrocket. There would be more company options in a given industry for the best workers, & more demand for those workers, raising the salaries or pay being offered to those workers. Between competition for the goods & services driving the price down & overhead going up, there would be less profit for employers & shareholders & more income for workers, leading to greater income equality overall. Public schooling has so much of the child market that it's virtually a monopoly, which is causing the rest of these problems & creating more profits for large corporations & their owners (shareholders). Not to mention that existing & increasing regulation makes it that much more difficult for more people to become employers & create more business or corporate competition.

"Big businesses all around the world have numerous levels of management.

For example: Big companies tend to have big IT sectors. Hence there are the specialized employees; each of these employees are assigned to a specific boss (sub-manager), and each boss is assigned to the head of IT, who is again assigned to the head of the company.

Hence we have:

1 (Head of the company)
5 (Different heads of sectors) (Ratio of 5/1)
7 (Submanagers per sector) (Ratio of 7/1)
15 (Employees per Submanager) (Hence at 3rd level we have a ratio of 15/1)
This should illustrate what I mean by employee to employer ratios."


I'd say all management levels are workers, & maybe even the head of company. But let's regard the head of company as the employer & everyone else as workers for a ratio of 525 workers to 1 employer. (1*5*7*15). All unemployed people are workers also, just without work, so if we included them the ratio would be much greater. A healthy economy for everyone would require a much lower ratio, more employers, & no government that trains the majority of students to be workers instead of employers.

@jamesgiantkeg: If there were more employers & companies coming out of the school system we wouldn't need to go on strike & wouldn't need unions.

-there'd be so much competition between companies for workers/good workers that they'd never want to take away benefits or pay. But a SCHOOL system can only produce workers, & employers & entrepreneurs are mistakes (people who weren't schooled into conformity)

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Starting with the Punch Line

An excerpt from The Most Dangerous Superstition - by Larkin Rose

How many millions have gazed upon the brutal horrors of history, with its countless examples of man’s inhumanity to man, and wondered aloud how such things could happen? The truth is, most people wouldn’t want to know how it happens, because they themselves are religiously attached to the very belief that makes it possible. The vast majority of suffering and injustice in the world, today and spanning back thousands of years, can be directly attributed to a single idea. It is not greed or hatred, or any of the other emotions or ideas that are usually blamed for the evils of society. Instead, most of the violence, theft, assault and murder in the world is the result of a mere superstition – a belief which, though almost universally held, runs contrary to all evidence and reason (though, of course, those who hold the belief do not see it that way). The “punch line” of this book is easy to express, albeit difficult for most people to accept, or even to calmly and rationally contemplate:

The belief in “authority,” which includes all belief in “government,” is irrational and self-contradictory; it is contrary to civilization and morality, and constitutes the most dangerous, destructive superstition that has ever existed. Rather than being a force for order and justice, the belief in “authority” is the arch-enemy of humanity.


Thursday, October 17, 2013

Radio Stream

Check back at the main website http://podcastexperiment.net and the new radio stream will play automatically. I'm including my favorite podcasts to promote them and their ideas. Right now it's featuring all of Mark Passio's What On Earth Is Happening podcast, and I'll be adding more and seeing what will fit.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Occult symbolism of 9/11 - Mark Passio

Continuing: emotion is our feminine aspect, action is our masculine aspect, & thought is our hermaphroditic aspect. That in mind, of the three towers that "collapsed" on 9/11, being World Trade Center towers 1, 2, & 7; which represents thought? Which represents emotion? & which represents action? In the picture, from left to right they are tower 7 behind tower 1 next to tower 2. Mark Passio's episode on this:

Friday, August 30, 2013

WARNING: DISTURBING account of a project monarch victim

I listen to a lot of podcasts, & this episode is the most disturbing thing I've ever heard. This is why we need to work to correct our world view & fight against evil forces in this world & in ourselves. I still highly recommend listening to all episodes of the What on earth is happening podcast, I'm almost done going through all of them myself.  
My tweets about this episode:
@PodExperiment: I know our national leaders are evil, but it always shocks me to learn about more details. I linked it. To ignore-it is to remain ignore-ant

@PodExperiment: In regards to previous tweet; do not avoid or ignore evil. Learn what's happening & expose it. Its the first step we must take to correct it

Listen to this episode, then try to tell me that morals are relative, & if a whole society agrees to do these things that it makes it ok. That's horse shit.

@PodExperiment: Probably the most disturbing thing I've ever listened to: 

Original show notes & images:

Consider yourself warned.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

What on earth is happening - Mark Passio

Hi everyone, it's Patrick Mangan. While I'm still very interested in podcasts & podcasting, I don't have a cohost right now so I'm not going to be putting out any original podcasts, & I haven't for a year. However, I still consume a lot of podcast content wile I work, so about 30 or 40 hours a week, & I post quotes, lessons I'm being taught, & awesome episodes over on the twitter account for the Podcast Experiment at http://twitter.com/podexperiment. I want to start linking to the very best episodes here in this blog, maybe weekly, directly to the mp3 online so that it'll get into my podcast feed on iTunes & everywhere else. The episode I'm linking to here is from Http://WhatOnEarthIsHappening.com with Mark Passio. I really like his philosophy & I'm now going through all of the episodes he's done. As you will hear in the mp3, I learned about him from Richard Grove in the Peace Revolution podcast, who I learned about from Jan Irving in the Gnostic Media podcast, who I learned about from Henrik Palmgren in the Red Ice Creations podcast, all of which I've listened to all publicly available free podcast episodes & all of which I highly recommend. The episode here is seven hours but well worth it, I was playing minecraft the whole time but never once lost interest. Have fun!